If you support the 7 principles of social value measurement, you can receive training in how to apply all of the principles in your measurement practices.

The SROI Network, soon to be Social Value UK, delivers this training in SROI methodology, a framework which teaches you how to apply all 7 principles.

The SROI Network currently runs 3 types of training courses:

1. Online introduction to SROI webinars

These come in the form of 3 2-hour sessions, and provide a general introduction to SROI. The webinars cover questions such as what is SROI and why would you want to do it, what is ‘good enough’ and how to apply SROI in different contexts.

For more information on these webinars, click here.

2. 2 day SROI practitioner training

This 2 day practitioner training course will provide you with a more in-depth coverage of the SROI process. Day One provides a step-by-step introduction to the framework via practical examples that trainees bring along. Day Two covers more theoretical issues around valuation, materiality etc that trainees would have to know in order to apply the seven principles.

See below for dates of our upcoming practitioner courses, or get in touch with Helen Campbell for more information:[email protected].org, (+44) 151 703 9229.

Upcoming Practitioner Course Dates:

3. Social Value You Can Use Tomorrow

This brand new one day course held in London is designed to help people who are interested in social value and want practical tools to help them maximise it. From looking at decision making and redesigning services to allocating limited resources, this course will help you to go back to your organisations with some workable ideas to increase your social value.

For booking and more information, click here or email Clare Bentley: [email protected].org.