The Portugal Impact Group is championed by Claudia Pedra, from SIAA Organisational Member Stone Soup Consulting. The group launched in October 2013 and now had around 20 members. Read the full report from the launch event here.

Why was the group established?

The group was established to bring together key stakeholders from across the NGO sector, public sector, private sector and academia to support the development of the social impact agenda in Portugal. The group provides:

  • A user-led peer-support group for social impact analysts, or for those who are new to the discipline and require an introduction;
  • A forum in which to exchange experiences, best-practice and useful resources;
  • A networking opportunity for those interested in this agenda, with an audience spanning the voluntary sector, public sector, private sector and academia;
  • A chance to engage with key debates around use of evidence and social impact, and to learn from what is happening elsewhere; and
  • A means of advocating for a more systemic embedding of social impact measurement and analysis in Portugal.