SIAA Challenge

What is the SIAA Challenge?

The SIAA Challenge was created as a learning and professional development opportunity for Social Impact Analysts. It is a case competition-style event, designed to deepen our global conversation about methods and approaches to social impact measurement and reporting; to showcase great work, and to critically reflect on differences within professional practice.

2014 SIAA Challenge: Measurement with a message

The 2014 Challenge was an experiment in crafting a narrative from a sea of qualitative and quantitative data. Competitors were given the same real data from the same real charity and asked to create a comprehensive, concise and compelling assessment of a charity’s impact. Our aim was to understand how social impact analysts use data to effectively inform stakeholders about the charity’s performance. Watch this space for details about the  SIAA Challenge 2015!

Read the SIAA Challenge Report 2014 by Kate Ruff.

Data Pitch (and Dinner)

Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA) adapted the 2014 SIAA Challenge into a learning and networking event.  You can read Emma Tomkinson’s account of the event here.