Joint Objectives

Working Independently Together

As well as working on country specific projects, SIAA brings the Country Impact Groups together, along with other interested parties, to work towards joint objectives and facilitate discussion at an international level. These projects will be presented at SIAA’s Annual Conference where SIAA members will have the opportunity to showcase their work.

SIAA Country Impact Groups are currently working towards three objectives:

1. Developing Together: Supporting the formation and growth of SIAA Country Impact Groups internationally.

Highlights include: Development of bi-annual review and Country Impact Group summary document.

2. The State of Play: Increasing understanding of social impact methods through looking at what is taking place globally, whilst also reflecting on national diversities.

Highlights include: SIAA International Survey.

3. Advancing Practice: Developing new know-how to push the frontiers of social impact measurement and analysis.

Highlights include: The SIAA Challenge.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these projects please contact us for more information.