The Canada Impact Group brings together practitioners, users, and academics to discuss and deliberate best practices in impact analysis who work together to:

  • Understand what is happening domestically and abroad;
  • Share information about concrete methods, metrics and tools; and
  • Share experiences and case studies.

SIAA’s 2014 Annual Conference

The SIAA Canada Advisory Group are hosting SIAA’s 2014 Annual Conference in Toronto in November in partnership with SIAA members Social Asset Measurements and Charity Intelligence Canada.


The Canada Country Impact Group was launched on 13th September 2013 at the Centre of Social Innovation in Toronto to begin a national conversation on best practices and principles for Impact Analysis in Canada. The event was hosted by Social Asset Measurements, with the help of the SIAA Canada Advisory Group.

The launch event featured impact analysts from all over Canada. It was an event that initiated a conversation on what actually works in practice and how impact measurement can facilitate the inflow of capital into the social finance sector.

Read a blog from the event written by Greg Thomson, Director of Research at Charity Intelligence Canada and SIAA Canada Advisory Group member.

Watch our fantastic video from the day here!

SIAA Canada Launch from Social Asset Measurements on Vimeo.

Presentations and Resources - 13th September 2013

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