Estonia launched its Country Impact Group in May 2013 and is championed by SIAA Individual Member Jaan Aps, Stories for Impact and the Estonian Social Enterprise Network.


The Estonia Impact Group’s launch in Tallinn in May 2013 brought Estonian civil society supporters, consultants and experts together to discuss challenges and potential solutions for improving social impact practice in Estonia. Read the full event report here.

What are the groups objectives?

  • To bring together key stakeholders to work on a common vision and understanding around the development of the social impact analysis field in Estonia.
  • To explore the current approaches and methods that are appropriate for the needs and traditions of Estonian social purpose organisations.
  • Explore a variety of successful national and international social impact analyses and their external communication.
  • Agree a set of standardised practices around social impact analysis that can then be agreed upon by the majority of relevant stakeholders in Estonia.
  • Advocate that all supporters of social purpose organisations include impact-related criteria into their decision making processes, including those assessing eligibility for financing.
  • A forum to exchange experience and best practice around social impact analysis with other countries and international organisations.