Social Investment/ Impact Investing

The SIAA Social Investment Working Group (SIAA-SI) is an international group of SIAA members aiming to advance the practice of social impact analysis in the field of social investment, also referred to as impact investing.


The group was established in September 2013 by SIAA members from CAN Invest in the UK, Gargani + Company Inc. in the USA and the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany.

Members of the Group

SIAA members can be involved in the group at three different levels:

1) Connect - keep up to date with any activities and outcomes that may be of interest via the LinkedIn forum or email.

2) Contribute - contribute to specific activities such as a short term research project. For example by sharing a survey through your network or contributing to a one off event.

3) Steer - actively participate in regular international conference calls and help to direct the short term and long term activity of the working group in a meaningful way. As well as practically support SIAA staff and the initial conveners to progress the work of the group.

Current Activity (Updated July 2014)

The group consists of 32 members (12 connect, 12 contribute, 8 steer) and is working on its first research project in collaboration with Dr Anne Vo and Dr Tina Christie from the University of California Educational Evaluation Center.

Members from levels 2 and 3 of the working group had an initial research consultation with Dr Vo and Dr Christie during February 2014. The present purpose of the project is to better understand impact analysis in practice within the context of social investment.

Get Involved

If you are a member of SIAA and want to join the group contact us.

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