The Bulgaria Impact Group is led by SIAA Individual Member, Maria Petrovka, Tulip Foundation. It was established in June 2013 to promote the importance of social impact analysis and increase its practice in Bulgaria. The group now has around 25 members who form a network of communication and support for professionals working in the field of social impact measurement and analysis.

What is the group working on?

The Bulgaria Impact Group has a number of goals, which include:

1) Making social impact analysis recognised as a useful practice among various groups including government, local authorities, NGOs, donors and businesses;
2) Organising training for professionals; and
3) Sharing successful practice, case studies, materials and training among professionals.


The group launched in June 2013 when SIAA and the Tulip Foundation hosted a social impact analysis workshop to provide a forum for organisations and professionals interested in social impact in Bulgaria to share best practice and hear from international speakers. Read the event report here.

Since then the group has held regular meetings attended by delegates from NGOs, donors, universities and businesses, in which they have been discussing their next steps and training on social impact analysis.

Who should get involved?  

The Bulgaria Impact Group invites professionals from across sectors (NGOs, business etc.) to join the group. The group provides the opportunity for professionals to become more effective in what they do and have a better understanding of social impact measurement and analysis.

Contact us to get involved.