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This report is a joint publication of Credit Suisse and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

The growing interest in impact investing is hard to miss. Today, more investors and entrepreneurs than ever are proactively investing their capital in solutions designed to generate a positive social or environmental impact, while also having the potential for some financial return.

The report includes articles about new ways to invest for social and environmental impact, trends in impact investing, unlocking capital to drive social impact, funding growth of social businesses and stories from the field

Working Papers and Research

This working paper from Impact Economy is by Maximilian Martin and is Volume 4 in the Impact Economy Working Papers series. Impact Economy has worked on impact investing with a number of clients and partners since the inception of the firm. Over more than a decade, the author of the study has been involved in a variety of senior roles in the pioneering efforts that have led to the creation of the concept of “impact investing” in 2007-2008, investment ideas such as contingent return models that link a financial return to a social outcome, and in their mainstreaming.