Focus on Impact, not Measurement!

by The SIAA team

Focus on Impact, not Measurement! 
Andreas Rickert, CEO of PHINEO and SIAA Trustee

Given that on average, it is still up to 20 times more expensive to raise capital in the non-profit sector than in the private sector, moving beyond measurement is vitally important to help impact-oriented organisations become more effective by enabling them to cut down on the resources required to fund their activities. On the other hand, it is also very difficult for people willing to donate/invest money into the impact sector – who do I give to? Why? Where can my money help create the most social impact? Moving beyond measurement also means making life easier for capital to reach the organisations with most impact.

Reaching these goals, which are fundamentally two sides of the same coin, requires adapting the idea of impact measurement into a framework of impact-orientation that allows impact-oriented organisations to continually monitor and improve their activities while donors/investors are able to gain a better understanding of the impact being achieved across sectors, geographies and organisations. Moving the focus beyond a myopic view of impact measurement towards an integrated framework of impact-orientation is an important step to unlocking the potential of impact-oriented organisations in tackling the most pressing issues of our time. I thoroughly believe that gathering like-minded experts with a desire to achieve precisely this goal is what will make the SIAA conference in Paris a compulsory event for practitioners who are serious about focusing on impact, beyond measurement.

Join us at Beyond Measurement on the 10th December at ESSEC Business School, France. Find out more information here.

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