Connect Me

SIAA ran a pilot mentoring scheme during 2012-2013. We have now analysed the feedback from the pilot and developed an improved light touch version - the SIAA Connect Me portal!

The Connect Me portal provides members with the opportunity to be introduced to professionals and students with an interest in international exchange around social impact analysis. SIAA staff search the SIAA membership to connect you with contacts with similar interests. The aim of this portal is to enable members to connect faster and more simply for mutual benefit.

You will either by connected via an introductory email or when this isn’t possible your email address will be passed onto the relevant contact. You will receive a connect me email within 2-3 weeks depending on your criteria. The SIAA team will endeavor to connect you with an appropriate member based on your preferences, but it is not guaranteed. We have a set of guidelines, including suggested discussion points.

If you’re already a SIAA member register your interest by filling in the form below and if you’re not yet a member visit our membership page! If you have forgotten your membership number just email us at [email protected] and we will send it over as soon as possible.

No other personal information will be shared except information provided in the form below. SIAA holds no responsibility for any follow up meetings as a result of the connection. Please read our Connect Me guidelines including safety recommendations.

Connect Me

  • Please ensure you enter your membership number in the following format e.g. SIAA-CXXXXX
  • Select all choices that are relevant to you
  • Please explain briefly what type of social impact professional you would like to be introduced to, what you expect to gain from the connection and what language you would prefer to communicate in. You can be as specific or as general as you like.
    I here by consent for SIAA to provide the above email address to connect me with other SIAA members or contacts. Clicking on the "I consent" button indicates that • you have read the above information, • you voluntarily agree to participate, • you are at least 18 years of age.