SIAA’s Working Group on Principles grew out of discussions at SIAA’s launch event in December 2011. The purpose of the group was to map existing sets of principles relating to social impact impact analysis, to identify the gaps and to point to any significant, existing consensus around particular social impact principles.

Principles of Social Impact Analysis Mapping Exercise

The group participated in a Mapping Exercise of existing principles sets, governing different aspects of  approaches to, measurement, analysis, reporting and use of learning from social impact assessment and evaluations. The Principles of Social Impact Analysis Mapping Exercise Report provides an summary of the exercise and findings.

Working Group members

A variety of members contributed to the mapping and participated in group discussions around principles during 2012-2013. A full list of participants can be seen in the summary report.

SIAA Thought Paper - How can organisations approach the practice of social impact analysis?

A draft of the mapping analysis produce by the group was presented at SIAA’s Annual Conference in Berlin in November 2012 before being finalised in early 2013. Following on from a number of discussions at the conference a follow up paper ‘How can organisations think about the practice of social impact analysis?‘ has been produced by SIAA Chairman Jeremy Nicholls. This paper proposes a basic framework for how to compare how different sets of principles relate. The aim of this framework is to provide organisations and analysts with a possible way of looking at how they can approach the practice of social impact analysis that is appropriate and useful for the organisation.

Next steps

Following the most recent working group meeting in February 2013 there was a consensus that SIAA should use this mapping exercise and the follow up thought paper to develop a code of ethics or similar guidelines, around values, behaviour and practice social impact analysts should aspire towards. To help develop this code the SIAA staff team plans to do qualitative interviews, and where possible focus groups, with SIAA members and friends over the period of June-September 2013 to look in more detail at practitioner level experience. We intend for this work to be complementary to other principles and good impact codes (e.g. Inspiring Impact’s Code of Good Impact Practice in the UK), and support SIAA’s work with practicing and aspiring social impact analysts.

Questions, comments and suggestions about all areas addressed are welcome via [email protected].