Working group - Principles of social impact analysis


SIAA’s working group on principles grew out of discussions at SIAA’s launch event in December 2011. The purpose of the group is to map existing sets of principles relating to social impact impact analysis, to identify the gaps in principles so that those areas can be strengthened, and to point to any significant, existing consensus around particular social impact principles.

Current activities

The group is now creating a map of existing principles, governing different aspects of the approach to, measurement, analysis, reporting and use of/learning from social impact assessment. The aim in the immediate is to understand what existing principles govern each stage of the impact process and identify any gaps.

Timeline and outputs

The first draft of the principles map will be sent out for responses to organisations whose principles are included in June 2012. This consultation process will run for 3 months leading to a review by the working group. Wider consultation with SIAA members and other stakeholders will begin in September 2012. A report will be available in December 2012 analysing any consensus and/or major gaps in existing sets of principles identified in this work.

Working group members

Georgina Anstey, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (UK)
Guy Beigel, Midot (Israel)
Helen Heap (UK)
Isabel Newman, CAF Venturesome (UK)
Jennifer Inglis, Vie (for Life) (UK)
Jeremy Nicholls, SROI Network (International)
Kim Bond, University of East London (UK)
Philippa Lynch, Audit Commission (UK)
Richard Kennedy, Community Action Network (UK)
Tris Lumley, New Philanthropy Capital (UK)

For more information regarding working group facilitation, an idea you have for a social impact working group or to join an existing group, please contact us.