About us

SIAA is an international professional body that supports and connects all those with a professional interest in social impact analysis. SIAA’s purpose is to build an international network of practitioners; to create and share knowledge about social impact analysis; and to raise awareness of it as a profession. SIAA’s membership is broad and includes representatives from charities and foundations, the private sector and academia.

SIAA was launched in December 2011 following four years of extensive consultation and discussion within the voluntary sector. We are supported by a consortium of funders including the Adessium Foundation in the Netherlands, Bertelsmann Stiftung in Germany, New Philanthropy Capital in the UK and PricewaterhouseCoopers Germany.

Why now

Although measurement and evaluation have long been central to the non-profit world, organisations must increasingly understand their social impact in order track performance, allocate resources effectively, and set strategy – as well as to demonstrate value for money to funders.

Though social impact measurement, reporting and analysis is becoming increasingly widespread, the practice still tends to be fragmented and of a varying standard. There are few opportunities for sharing knowledge and information about how best to conduct social impact assessments, or how to put the results to use within an organisation. Social impact analysis as a profession remains little known, unregulated and unsupported.

Our vision

Our vision is of an impactful and more effective non-profit sector in which social impact assessment helps organisations set strategy and deliver on their core mission.

We are working towards this vision using three principal offerings:

  • Network and partnership building
  • Creating professional development opportunities for social impact analysts
  • Communicating the benefits of social impact analysis and representing practitioners

Read more about what SIAA offers here.