Impact Mentoring Scheme

SIAA runs a unique mentoring scheme for social impact analysts.

About SIAA mentoring

Our mentoring programme seeks to create mentoring relationships between SIAA members working on social impact analysis in the aim of advancing their professional development. Individuals seeking to be mentored will set their own objectives and will be helped to achieve them with the support and guidance of - and challenges from - a social impact professional with more or complimentary experience.

The way the relationship works will be flexible depending on the availability and objectives of the mentor and mentee. Together you’ll decide what the aims of the mentoring relationship will be, how often you will meet and the length of time of your meetings. The scheme is intended to be tailored to each participant.

SIAA will aim to partner mentees with someone who is likely to help them achieve their goals, although it’s also important that there be a good rapport between those in the mentoring relationship.

Benefits of the programme

Mentees will:

  • Receive advice, guidance and feedback from an experienced social impact  professional
  • Benefit from a safe environment in which to discuss their job with someone neutral, outside their workspace
  • Have access to a useful sounding board to bounce ideas around with
  • Gain new perspectives and learn from the experiences of someone else
  • Find out about other roles and the possibilities for career development

This is also a learning opportunity for mentors. Mentors will:

  • Share their knowledge and experience to help others progress in their career
  • Have an opportunity to develop and build up coaching and managerial skills
  • Get insight into the working world at different organisations
  • Be introduced to new ideas and ways of doing things
  • Engage with someone in a different job role from their own

Registering as a mentor or mentee

If this is of interest, please complete either a mentee form or a mentor form.

If you are interested in becoming a SIAA member or would like to learn more about the benefits, please click here or contact our membership officer Ruth Whateley.