Maritza Tucker - Consultant, Action Planning

About you:

I am a Consultant with Action Planning, a leading UK management, fundraising and recruitment consultancy to charities and not-for-profit organisations. I support a diversity of clients in understanding their markets, strengthening their organisations and planning for the future. I also work with clients to develop high impact projects and robust monitoring and evaluation systems, generated through planning processes involving different tools such as the logical framework and theory of change. Before joining Action Planning, I worked for over 10 years in international development and socio-economic regeneration, in various research, policy analysis and project management posts with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF-UK), the new economics foundation (nef) and Women’s World Banking (WWB). Each year, over 5,000 sector leaders make use of Action Planning’s programme of national conferences, training and consultancy. This includes major events, run with ACEVO, CAF and CFDG, and a series of practical workshops, which includes how to demonstrate outcomes.

Where are you based?

Hampshire, UK; Action Planning is based in Sutton, Surrey (UK)

Where do you work?

In the UK and internationally

What policy areas do you usually work in?

Health, social care, international development, conservation, children and youth, criminal justice, social inclusion and regeneration, social enterprise, social finance, organisational strategy and implementation, social impact measurement, and market and social research.

Is there anything you would like to share, discuss, or work with other SIAA members on?

Social outcomes and impact measurement, and also reporting tools and approaches