Dawn Wood - Senior Consultant, Action Planning

About you:

I am a Senior Consultant at Action Planning, a UK based, full service consultancy, working to support the development needs of not-for-profit organisations through organisational effectiveness, leadership, strategy, income generation and marketing programmes.

I lead on performance and impact for Action Planning, working with clients to identify desired impact within their organisational strategy, explore their Theory of Change, develop performance and impact frameworks, and set up and embed monitoring and reporting activity. I also deliver Action Planning’s training on Demonstrating Outcomes.

My previous experience is in the commercial sector with the Boots Company and as Marketing Manager of Ty-Phoo teabags.

Action Planning clients are organisations with a social purpose, including large and small charities, infrastructure organisations, social enterprises and public sector bodies.

Where are you based?

Hampshire, UK. Action Planning is based in Sutton, Surrey.

Where do you work?

Mostly in the UK

What policy areas do you usually work in?

Social care, health and wellbeing, domestic violence, infrastructure, children and youth, criminal justice, social enterprise, organisational strategy and implementation, social impact measurement.

Is there anything you would like to share, discuss, or work with other SIAA members on?

Organisational readiness and leadership for impact planning and reporting. Approaches to impact reports – format and content.