Hotspot Summaries

Click on the links below to download summaries of the hotspots that took place at the conference. More to come!

1. Assessment Process Framework for Social Business: the Case of Grameen Veolia Water by Kévin André, ESSEC IIES and Benoit Ringot, Veolia

2. CDI Ratings - Measuring Financial and Extra Financial Performances of Social Businesses by Louise Swistek, Le Comptoir de L’Innovation

3. SROI and Public Health - Evidencing the Social Value Created by Community Assets by Gayle Whelan and Lisa Jane Hughes, Liverpool John Moores University

4. Take Control of your Measurement with WikiVOIS by Ben Carpenter, The SROI Network

5. Building an International and Complimentary Team to Conduct a Social Impact Assessment by Jean-Christophe Laugée, Danone, Cécile Renouard, ESSEC IRENE, Hélène L’Huillier, ESSEC IRENE, Amanda Sheehan, Consultant

6. Optimising Social Impact Analysis by Kim Bond, Independent Advisor

7. Truly and Everywhere “Beyond” Measurement? Findings of a German Survey by Zoë Felder, Phineo gAG

8. Social Value and International Development: Towards a Common Approach? by Rachael Morgan, University of Manchester

8. Social Impact by Design #SocImpDes by Jenni Inglis, VIE (forlife) Ltd

9. Making Social Impact Assessment Accessible to All: What are the next steps in France? by Chloé Bellue, Avise and Emeline Stievenart, Consultant

10. Developing Impact Analysis Communication that Grandmothers Can Understand by Jaan Aps, Estonian Social Enterprise Network

11. Get People to Love Impact Measurement by Sonia Herrero, inProgress

12. The Future of SIAA, by the SIAA board members