Conference Programme

Wednesday 21st November

Phineo gAG, Spreepalais, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 2, 10178 Berlin

6:00 pm - Members Drinks Reception

Thursday 22nd November

Bertelsmann AG, Unter den Linden 1, 10117, Berlin

9.00am - Registration and Coffee

9:30am – Welcome

Bettina Windau, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany

9:45 am – Developing a New Profession

Kate Ruff, Charity Intelligence, Canada

Drawing on examples from the early days of financial accounting and from several other contemporary reporting standards, Kate concretely connects the activities of the emerging impact analyst profession to the loftier goal of more efficient and just capital allocation in our society. In doing so, she outlines what it means to become a profession, and how impact analysts can work to ensure a bright future for social investing and strategic giving.

Kate Ruff is the lead researcher at Charity Intelligence Canada (Ci). Prior to that, Kate worked as a consultant to non profits, specializing in evaluating double bottom line organizations; she has served as a consultant to CECI in Nepal, Social Enterprise London in the UK and United Way in Canada.

10:15am – lmpact Analysis: where are we now?

Hear from a panel of international representatives discussing trends within the social impact analysis sector. This interactive discussion will highlight the differing challenges and opportunities across countries and contexts to be addressed throughout the day.


  • Roxanne Mihalache, Pluriconsult, Romania
  • John A. Healy, The Atlantic Philanthropies, Ireland
  • Zeri Rahimi Fridman, Midot, Israel
  • Andreas Rickert, Phineo AG, Germany

Facilitator: David Carrington, independent consultant since 2001. Current Chairman of the Inspiring Impact Programme Board in the UK and a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Effective Philanthropy.

11:00 am Coffee break

11:30 am - Lessons learnt from the supply and demand for social impact analysis across the world

What lessons can we take from existing practice and insights into the supply and demand for impact analysis across the globe? This session includes five parallel workshops covering prominent issues, ranging from what analyses funders are looking for, to experiences of applying and disseminating social impact analysis across international borders.


1. Decisions Decisions: What key analyses are funders and investors looking for?

This discussion will explore the key role of impact analysis in making an investment decision. Contributors will cover a range of topics, from how funders can support impact analysis from the bottom up, to how evidence and tools can be used by Government to develop service agreements.


  • Emma Tomkinson, Social Impact Analyst, Social Impact Bond Centre of Excellence, UK Cabinet Office
  • Natasha Malpani, Social Impact Analyst, Big Society Capital, UK
  • Gabi Blumberg, Social Investment Manager, Investing for Good, UK

Facilitator: Jeremy SIAA Chairman and  Chief Executive of The SROI Network, UK/International.

 2. Talking to each other: How intermediaries can use impact analysis to facilitate the exchange between social-purpose organisations, funders and investors, and beneficiaries.

For the social sector, the interaction between different stakeholder groups is essential. The exchange between these groups is often complex due to differing ʻlanguagesʼ, attitudes, goals, and expectations. This session will discuss how impact analysis can help intermediaries in their work to define common ground.


  • Alison Bukhari, Dasra, India/UK
  • Martial Paris, Program Manager, wise-philanthropy advisors, Switzerland

Facilitator: Philipp Hoelscher, Head of Analysis & Research, PHINEO gAG, Germany

 3. Selling impact analysis: What funders, charities and social enterprises want, and what they need.

NPCʼs recent survey of UK charities provides us with a unique insight into what drives charities and social enterprises to invest more in impact analysis. NPC will suggest ways for impact analysts to use their findings to make the case for their work.


  • Tris Lumely, Head of Development,  SIAA Trustee and NPC UK
  • Ben Rickey  Development Programme Manager, NPC, UK

4. Impact analysis and social investments

This panel focuses specifically on the new requirements for impact analysis that arise through the use of private investment capital to fund social interventions (“social” or “impact investments”). The political and regulatory challenges to developing an “impact culture” within a social sector environment will also be discussed.


  • Harry Hoare, Analyst, Social Finance, UK
  • Arne Kröger, Analyst, Social Venture Fund & Research Associate, University of Hanover, Germany
  • Adrian Hornsby, Head of Research, Investing for Good, UK
  • Barbara Scheck, Investment Manager, BonVenture, Germany

Facilitator: Jake Benford, Project Manager, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany

 5. Disseminating impact analysis across different cultural contexts

nef consulting (new economics foundation) will share their experiences of applying and disseminating social impact analysis across international borders and within different cultural contexts. This session will draw on nefʼs experience of capacity-building individuals and organisations and includes examples from Canada, Australia, Thailand and Brazil and more.

Contributors: Natalie Nicholles, Associate Director of nef consulting (new economics foundation) UK/International, with additional comments from Bettina Windau,  Director, Bertelsmaan Stiftung, Germany.

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm – Hotspots: Trends, Tools and Tricky Questions

This unique and interactive session will host a range of ʻhotspotsʼ, each run by a facilitator with expert knowledge around a specific tool or topic within impact analysis. Delegates will have the opportunity to attend 3 hotspots at 20 minute intervals, to gain practical and specific knowledge around issues relevant to them.

1. Innovative approaches for Stakeholder Engagement - Lucy Day, Claire Keenan & Gareth Price, LJMU,UK

2. WikiVOIS – helping you with impact measurement - Karl Leathem, The SROI Network, UK

3. Social Impact Measurement: consistent, efficient, easy and fun with social e-valuator™ - Marlon van Dijk & Ivo Sillé, Social Evaluator, Netherlands

4. What really is a programme’s impact? A beginners’ guide to randomised control trials for charities and social enterprises - Caroline Fiennes, European Outreach for J-Pal and Innovations for Poverty Action, UK

5. Social Return on Investment Analysis - Do we need a ”Super-KPI”?

6. The Outcomes Star: How to support change and measure it at the same time - Joy MacKeith, Triangle Consulting, UK

7. Readiness? Change. Tools? - Steven Fox, Fox Advising, UK

8. Using narratives? What anthropology can teach social impact analysis - Susanna Kruger, Good Root, Germany

9. Monitoring Self-Effectiveness - Eberhard Gohl, Impact Plus, Germany

10. SIA from a Systems Perspective - Can systemic inquiry generate new insights? - Michaela Böhme, Public One, Germany

11. Managing Performance with Impact Measurement - Christina Gradl, Endeva, Germany & Hans H. Wahl, INSEAD, France

12. Principles of Good Impact Analysis -Ruth Whateley, Tris Lumley & Jeremy Nicholls SIAA, UK

13. Assessment of social expectation and technology interventions - Ken Ito & Takeshi Takahashi, Keio University, Japan

14. Scaling Impact Measurement - Case Studies from Canada - Anushula Chowdhury, Social Asset Measurements, Canada

3.30pm Coffee break and wrap up of  hotspots discussions

3:45 pm - Impact Analysis International

Hear from SIAA members working in country specific contexts around impact analysis. How can we learn from the progress and challenges within specific countries and seek to strengthen the work of social impact analysts in different places?

Like our first panel this will be a facilitated discussion asking for your opinions on how social impact analysts can work to connect, share and learn from one another worldwide. Hear from SIAA impact group supporters from Hungary, Austria, Spain and more.



  • Brigitta Jaska, Demnet, Hungary
  • Christian Schober, NPO Competence Centre, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
  • Catalina Parra, Philanthropic Intelligence, Spain

Additional comments from:

  • Carmen Garcia, Spanish Association of Foundations, Spain
  • Susana Balet, Stone Soup, Spain
  • Olivia Rauscher, NPO Competence Centre, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

4:30 pm - What does it mean to be a Social Impact Analyst?

This session starts with you. What do you think it means to be a social impact analyst? In small groups participants will discuss key questions around the future of this profession and the steps that we all need to take to make progress.

This session will be a chance to give feedback on the work of SIAA over the past year and consider how SIAA and it’s members can better support and connect social impact analysts globally.

5:00 pm - The Challenge of Innovation

Jeremy Nicholls
SIAA Chairman and Chief Executive of The SROI Network.

5:30 pm - Farewell Drinks